Takeover Tuesday – The end of Ken?

The takeover saga is finally close to being resolved at Elland Road and tomorrow looks like the day Leeds fans have been dreaming of for the last 7 years.

With Ken Bates’ departure reaching its final stages and the prospect of an influx of money to the club, the mood among Leeds fans has been as positive as I can ever remember in recent history.

Leeds released an official statement on the takeover last Tuesday confirming the club had ‘granted an exclusivity period to enable a potential investor to carry out the appropriate due diligence’ one of the last steps before a takeover. A process Leeds anticipate will be fairly straightforward.

Adam Pope (@apopey on twitter) told BBC Look North this evening, the due diligence of the takeover may have already been completed and all that needs to be done is the final money transfer into the bank.

After weeks of Leeds fans constantly refreshing their twitter feeds and checking the clubs website, many believe tomorrow is the big day.

Niel Warnock is sure to be happy with the increased transfer kitty and is already planning on reuniting himself with one of his most trusted former players, Paddy Kenny.

Kenny has been linked with a move to Leeds all summer and a bid of £500,000 should capture him from Queens Park Rangers.


Author: chris darwen

14 thoughts on “Takeover Tuesday – The end of Ken?

  1. Oh I am a proper Leeds fan mate…. Been so since 1967

    All I am saying is that most owners milk football clubs…

    Some leave the club in the shit

    Some leave it in a better financial situation

    Despite fans feeling for him Bates may? leave us in a better financial situation…..

    Odds are the new owners may have Portsmouth/ Blackburn capability…

    Maybe real although like manc city

    Fingers crossed and lets hope

    Ps. Should let others have a different view without getting pissed off…..

    Fingers crossed……

  2. I agree why are we renting our own ground & training ground & who do we rent it from ? If it is bates he gets 6 million a year out of a club that needs investment on players let's face it Bates is in it for what he can get & I'm sure all the money he has invested in Leeds he has had back plus alot more so we really don't want to be patting fat ken on the back do we !!!

  3. the only thing I am angry about is the way bates has squeezed leeds dry if u believe he has been good for leeds then u aren't a proper supporter 30,000 fans agree with me most saturdays bates nreds to hurry up and do one

  4. with you all the way ndg mate wot has the old greedy fat b#$t@rd ever done in our interest of making it back to where we should be. we haven't been in the pl for seven long terrible years coz of his tax dodging ways taking 17million a season to his swiss bank account. and not realeasing any money for transfers I for one am disgusted in his behaivior time to go ken and let us flourish under better management

  5. Cant beleive that there are people out there willing to praise Bates before he has even sold the club. 7 years of shite football(officially the worst period in our history) the rude old bearded bastard has taken the piss out of all of us and will no doubt still manage to retain an interest in something at Leeds.If he has sold it is only because he has finally driven many of us to the point where we will not bother going anymore to watch his shite.
    BATES F*** Off !!

  6. Getting over Tuesday!!!!

    Been told I need a head shake

    By a Mr Angry who sees football clubs owners as charities for the masses

    Fingers crossed for the next ones

  7. ken bates is a greedy selfish moron who has bleeded a massive club dry anyone who thinks he has been good for leeds seriously need to give their heads a real good shake we should have been back up years ago

  8. Doubt that brainwashing fans was high on SIr Ken's agenda

    He spent 10 mill of his own money to buy a business….

    As a businessman… Guess his intentions were to recoup the money…. And make a profit

    That's what business men do

    Are we presuming that the next lot will not want to make a profit ?

    I think looking to invest is a key phrase here!

    Ken Bates has invested in a club and left it in better shape …. Financially

    Think Risdale!

    Fingers crossed on the next ones but remember very very few will not want profit…….

  9. Yes bates is a genius, he built casinos and implemented the infrastructure of the club to make it saleable, he also managed to brainwash a certain percentage of the Leeds fans into forgetting where the money went from the sale of delph howson and other key players. Ken, you sir are a magician.

  10. Ditto

    In the black and a sellable commodity in the middle of a massive economic mess.

    We would have all wanted to bounce back years ago like a Phoenix from the ashes..

    Was never to be. In time when the wounds have healed the old goat will be viewed in a different light.

    Did it his way.

  11. Don't agree 100% with the first comment, but I do think that if the sale goes through there is no need to over criticise KB at this time. Lets just say thanks (for nothing) and goodbye!

  12. nice one stewart. leeds could have been well down the river if not for ken bates.
    we are now on a sound business foundation

  13. i think if Mr Bates sells out to mega rich people who can change the course of Leeds Uniteds history then we should all say, thanks King Kenny. If you look at what he has done in the last 7 years then he has constructed the infra structure to enable such a purchase. He has the knowledge of selling a club and this infrastructure such as the new Pavillion, Billy's Bar and Howards way all giving us great facility on match day, along with the proposed hotel development, casino and shopping centre with bars and restaurants then this along with our great history and great fans has made the club salable to hopefully such big players. I for one will say thanks and forget seven hard years and look forward.
    Stewart Heasman

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