‘What Shirt am I Wearing Bruv?’ – Beckford to Return to Leeds

At the peak of his playing career with Leeds United, Jermaine Beckford laughed off a question about a move away from Elland Road stating: ‘What shirt am I wearing bruv.’ By the start of the 2010 season he was playing in an Everton shirt.
Two transfers and two underwhelming seasons later he is being  linked with a move back to the Whites, with The Sun reporting that a £2 million bid has made for the striker.

The 28-year-old is understood to have had a falling out with Leicester manager Nigel Pearson which has lead to rumours that he may be on the move again this summer.

Beckford’s agent Nick Rubery has been quick to dismiss rumours that Beckford would be leaving the Foxes, stating on twitter that: ‘He’s Leicester’s #1 striker and is looking forward to preseason.’

However, Leeds boss Neil Warnock has confirmed that he is looking to bring in a new striker and many believe Beckford would welcome the opportunity to play for the club he made his name at, scoring 72 goals in 126 appearances.
Beckford was said to have stayed behind to sign autographs at Elland Road when Leicester played Leeds last season, suggesting he remains fond of the team he helped win promotion from League One to the Championship.
Will Beckford be wearing a Leeds shirt once again next season?
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Author: chris darwen

8 thoughts on “‘What Shirt am I Wearing Bruv?’ – Beckford to Return to Leeds

  1. Beckford will always be a Leeds legend for being the catalyst for getting us out of League 1. I for one would love to have him back. Only worry is whether he could replicate the magic after slumming it for a few years away from Leeds.

  2. who gives a shit if he isnt technically gifted and he doesnt tackle and is a baby! He scores goals and thats all you can ask your forwards to do!!!

  3. i dont understand y every1 says he failed at everton he scored 8 goals in bout 12 starts + sub appearances many of which were 5/10 mins!! his goals t game ratio 4 leeds speak 4 itself, hes got pace t burn which is sumet leeds ant had since he left

  4. He has been terrible at Leicester, never a Premier League striker as he proved at Everton however he would do a lot better back at Leeds in the Championship, so I hope he stays where he is at Leicester because he's been awful for the most part of the season. Leicester might want a bit for him as they spent plenty to sign him.

  5. I dont know who you think you are old boy but your just as bad as all the other divvys who write on forums with nothing but praise for beckford, let me tell you summat, HE IS SHIT !
    His winning goal (like most of his others, you tube if you dont believe me) were rebounds.
    He is a miserable baby who spits the dody out when he doesn't get what he wants, he doesnt defend nor does he tackle or header now to call him a STRIKER is total nonsense, wind your neck in gob shite

  6. listen. 86 goals in 3 Seasons with the mighty whites it would take all foxes strikers longer than that together he is a legend mate u just got fuck all to feed him with lmao BECKFORD U ARE LEEDS THROUGH AND THROUGH TIME TO COME HOME

  7. number one striker!!! Don't make me laugh! His attitude and actions at elland road were nothing short of a disgrace resulting in np, quite rightly, subbbing him at half-time. Also allegedly. he failed to turn up for lcfc's player of the year awards the following evening {not that he had a hope in hells chance of winning it}. The sooner he buggers off the better

  8. Not only did he stay and sign autographs but during the game he did the Leeds salute to the Kop end and was taken off at half-time by misery Pearson cos of the adulation Beckford was receiving

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