Fergie Teaches Moyes the Secrets of the Hairdryer Treatment [picture]


At half time in Sunday’s Manchester derby with his side 2-0 down at the Etihad, David Moyes must have felt a team talk worthy of Sir Alex would be what would be required to turn the tie around. Sadly with the game ending in a humiliating 4-1 defeat, this seems not to have been the case.

Following the game Manchester United legend Gordon McQueen has spoken of the need for Moyes to seek the advice of former manager Sir Alex Ferguson on how to inspire the best performances from his team.

When speaking to Goal.com, Mcqueen stated that: ‘I will be surprised if he doesn’t seek out Sir Alex’s advice because he is there for things like that. Accepting advice is a strength, not a weakness. Sir Matt Busby was there for Fergie when he had a difficult start at United and you cannot turn your back on such a wealth of experience.’

‘Nothing that has happened this season has changed my mind and I’m still confident United will retain their title and have a good run in the Champions League. There is a long way to go and I’ve seen the folly of having knee-jerk reactions at this stage of the season so many times before.’

‘People forget that United under Sir Alex lost at Everton on the first day of last season causing alarm bells to ring, but went on to comfortably win the league, and the season before lost 6-1 at home to City, so although it’s been a disappointing and difficult start, there is no need to panic.’

‘Of course, doubts will creep in because his team hasn’t performed against the big rivals, but he’ll get it right. Too many players have not been performing to their potential, and those players have got to take responsibility.’

‘We are kidding ourselves if we think that yesterday’s result was because we were without Robin van Persie. It will be like ‘castles in the sand’ if United fans believe the Dutchman would have made the difference. The problem is that United’s title rivals have raised their bar and United have struggled so far to do the same.’

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