Sack for AVB this Xmas? [picture]

 Andre Villas-Boas has asserted his belief that he can make it through the difficult spell he is currently enduring as Tottenham manager following last weekends heavy defeat to Manchester City. AVB’s Spurs team suffered a humiliating 6-0 defeat last Sunday which has seen them drop down to ninth in the Premiership.

The loss has lead to speculation that Villas-Boas could be the next Premier League manager for the chop which has been fuelled further by the absence of any public statements of support from Chairman Daniel Levy in recent weeks.

This has prompted AVB to speak out about his future at the club, stating that his experience at Chelsea is one of the factors that will help him through this troubled period.

‘I have the confidence of the board and players and I have to move on to do a proper job,’ said Villas Boas. ‘The only conversation the board and I had recently was two or three days ago. The board is of the same opinion that everything went wrong and we hope to get some response in the future. It was an ordinary meeting. We only spoke very briefly about the game.’

‘I am immune right now. I used to read a lot into situations like this, into pressure points when I was at Chelsea, but not any more. I am very indifferent. There is only one area that I come under pressure from, which is the press.’

‘I was not treated properly by people in the media while at Chelsea. I got various opinion makers and column writers that wrote so many lies. If I had any chance that I was liable to sue, it would be something that would give me extreme pleasure. But it is part of the job, it is something that I have to take on.’


Author: chris darwen

3 thoughts on “Sack for AVB this Xmas? [picture]

  1. I am not sure who you are. But am I glad that you have no say over the way Spurs are run/operated. I bet if you did not perform to your tasks at work you would want your boss, to give you some time to put wrongs right? AVB deserves the same treatment. 'COY AVB'

  2. to be honest i only saw from 56minutes on and i am glad i did . AVB is crap and has not got a clue . He proved tonight that he will not change the type and style of football he plays . He only wants to win a game and is not worried how he wins . He is making top players look like crap . All this talk about Soldado has me wondering how a player that scores 20+ goals for the last four seasons suddenly looks like Emil Heskey . It is all down to AVB sorry and this is from someone who thought he would work and supported the team for 40+ years . Worst manager in terms of football i have ever seen at Spurs .

  3. these quotes are ancient…AVB should be given time. piss off and draw some toons of ryan giggs shagging his brothers wife

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