No Rest for Rooney say Moyes

After two great goals by Wayne Rooney that saw the draw between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, it seems that the defending champions are back in it to win it. In a game that had all Manchester United supporters sitting on the edge of their seats, chewing on their fingernails, most gratitude has to be handed to Rooney for not only scoring both equalisers,  but also for his series of vital defensive clearances against Tottenham.

It would definitely be interesting to imagine what the English Barclays Premier League would currently look like if Rooney was granted his summer wish to depart. Although, after a summer of some uncertainty, it seems that on the evidence of this season, United’s manager, David Moyes, has expressed with confidence that the long-term commitment of Rooney will be of vital importance in rebuilding his United side. Moyes recently said that he has no intention of giving Rooney a breather, in fear of putting the brakes on the impressive momentum which he has built up.

Rooney is without a doubt on quite a roll, facing a marathon season of over sixty games, playing for both Manchester United as well as England. Rooney has only missed two games for United so far, the first due to a cut head which ruled him out of the visit to Liverpool, as well as illness which prevented him from going all out against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League. With this intense season it would seem that a rest is greatly needed, although Moyes believes that this would do more harm than good for Rooney.

Moyes firmly believes that Rooney operates to his fullest potential when he plays every game, and therefore, gets into a rhythm. The manager said recently, ‘Wayne doesn’t need a rest, he needs to keep playing. He gets better the more games he plays. It doesn’t really seem to affect him in a way it does others.’

Managing a successful football team takes a great amount of skill, although there is also quite the gambling element to it, much like attempting to hit the jackpot at, when it comes to knowing which players would perform best against which opponents. Is this the best move by Moyes? Will it be the crucial move needed to see United push further to the towards top of the league which seems so securely held by Arsenal?

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