Mourinho warns fans: Pogba’s no Drogba

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has asked that fans lower expectations in regards to new mega-signing Paul Pogba, who he doesn’t believe is can score over 20 goals in his return to Old Trafford this season.

Mourinho championed Pogba as probably the best midfielder in the world, but stated that he didn’t expect him to be scoring goals at the same rate as Ronaldo or Messi. We would also like to add that he won’t score as many as Didier Drogba in his Chelsea heydey, who was formerly managed by Mourinho and has a similar sounding name to Pogba.

When asked about his expectations for Pogba’s United return, Mourinho stated: ‘I’m not expecting him, the first time he touches the ball, to dribble five guys and score a wonder goal.’

‘I expect him, the first time he touches the ball, to have a correct pass, a good selection of pass, a good choice, a good, simple execution and keep the game fluid. So maybe it’s not an ‘impact’, maybe it’s just a natural improvement of the team, because he’s a super football player.’

When asked if Pogba could hit the same heights as Messi and Ronaldo, Mourinho stated: ‘First of all, when you speak about the best players in the world, you go immediately to the ones that score a lot of goals.’

‘You don’t give a Golden Ball to a goalkeeper. You gave a Golden Ball to Cannavaro once, but because in that season he was the captain of Italy, the world champions, and there were not many top players. Maldini never got a Golden Ball. Zanetti never got a Golden Ball. Top goalkeepers over history didn’t get a Golden Ball, so you look immediately to the ones that score a lot of goals.’

‘Can Paul score the same number of goals as Ronaldo and Messi? Not even 25 percent, I believe. I believe in a season he cannot score 20 goals. So if to be the best player in the world means to score a lot of goals, that’s not the point. He is one of the best midfield players, maybe I could say the best midfield player in the world.’

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