Mourinho v Wenger: Who will finish on top this season

Last weekend’s battle between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger ended in stalemate, with their respective teams drawing 1-1 at Old Trafford.

The rivalry goes back a long way and historically Mourinho has always come out on top, however twelve games into the Premier League season it is Wenger with a six point advantage over his old foe.

Mourinho stoked the flames of the rivalry following the weekend’s draw, highlighting Wenger’s lengthy period since last winning the Premier League crown.

Speaking to ESPN Brasil, Mourinho stated ‘I said yesterday at the press conference, the Arsenal manager hasn’t won a championship in 14 years. I haven’t won a championship in 18 months.’

‘He, in 14 years, failed to build a team to be champion. I’ve been here for four months. And the demand is only for me and not for others.’

‘It must be because of the career I’ve made. Because I got to the clubs and always won right away.’

‘And Manchester United is a more difficult reality, because it is an extremely difficult competition, with teams being prepared for a lot longer, with excellent players, with excellent coaches.’

‘Manchester really live in a period that needs stability. A stability that the club wants to give me, a stability that the club gives me, a stability that the fans give me, but that the press does not accept very well.’

Artwork by Tasha Lockyer.

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