Ledley King: This Tottenham side can challenge for the Premier League title

Former Tottenham star Ledley King (Photo Credit: Hotspur HQ)
Former Tottenham star Ledley King believes that the current Spurs side are capable of challenging for the League title this season. 
Last summer, the North London side made no additions to their side. They became the first side in the Premier League era to not make any changes to their squad during the off-season. 
Since Mauricio Pochettino became the manager of Spurs in 2014, the North Londoners have transformed from being regarded as a modest side into one of the best in England which regularly qualified for the Champions League. 
Spurs nearly won the League twice under Pochettino which came during the seasons of 2015/16 and 2016/17. However, they have not won a trophy since 2008 when they claimed the League Cup. The fact that they have not won a piece of major silverware in more than 10 years often leads to the club being the subject of jokes. 
Despite having not made a single signing last summer, Spurs have made one of their best starts to a Premier League season during the current campaign. They proved that they can churn out quality performances against the best teams by defeating Chelsea 3-1 in the League last weekend. 
“They’re quietly going about their business and I think the team quite enjoy that,” said King as quoted by Sky Sports. 
“Everyone is talking about Man City and Liverpool, while the Tottenham team keep grinding out the results.
“There was a part of the season when the team wasn’t playing well, but they were getting results. That’s a good sign, and I thought at some point they’re going to click back in, and they did it in the Chelsea game.

“I expect them to kick on again now. They’ve been together for a while now and understand what the manager wants from them.”

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