Newcastle manager Benitez reveals where he wants to manage after Newcastle

Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez has revealed that he wants to return to Spain in the long-term. Benitez has been the manager of Newcastle United since 2016. He took over the club when they were in a very bad situation and could not save them from relegation during the 2015-16 season. 
However, despite having to work with a very restricted budget, the experienced Spaniard managed to lead the club to the Championship title and straight back to the top flight during the 2016-17 season. Last season, he also managed to guide the club towards retaining their top-flight status despite the fact that he had to work with a very limited budget. 
Benitez has been strongly commended for the way in which he has stuck with Newcastle for the past few years despite the behind the scenes turbulence at the club. He is a one of the most experienced and recognizable managers in World football and could surely easily get offers from teams playing in the Champions League or even an elite international team. 
However, he has chosen to stick with the Magpies. The former Real Madrid and Liverpool boss has however admitted that he would like to return to Spain one day. As quoted by The Chronicle, he said: 
“Yeah, in the distance.
“I think I am a young manager and I think I still have a few years to work on a daily basis. After, you have to consider anything. 

“Not just Spain, any prospect could be interesting but at the moment I am happy with my job at Newcastle United.”

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