West Ham must move for English sensation to replace Andy Caroll

Andy Caroll arrived at West Ham from Liverpool, initially on loan in 2012 and since then, he has gone on to make 133 appearances in all competitions, scoring 33 goals.
The 29-year-old is however extremely injury-prone and had to miss the start of this season due to an ankle injury. The England international is currently below the likes of Javier Hernandez, Marko Arnautovic and Lucas Perez in the Hammers pecking order.
Manuel Pellegrini should look to replace him with a more threatening and younger forward. Caroll’s best years are now behind him and he should perhaps focus on playing in a less physically demanding league at this point.
A player who will be a good swoop for the Hammers is Chelsea forward Tammy Abraham who is currently on loan with Aston Villa in the Championship.  The 21-year-old Abraham is one of the best up-and-coming English talents and has been impressive for Villa this season as he has gone on to score 14 goals from 19 appearances in the English second-tier.
Abraham also spent the 2016-17 season in the Championship with Bristol City and went on to score 26 goals in 48 appearances for the club in all competitions. He had a much less successful spell in the Premier League last season for Swansea City as he went on to score just five goals in the top-flight from 31 appearances.
In spite of this, Abraham is still young, he has a lot to learn and deserves a second chance to shine in the Premier League. This is a player whom West Ham should go after as he could prove to be a good signing in the long-run.

Author: chris darwen

5 thoughts on “West Ham must move for English sensation to replace Andy Caroll

  1. Only if you believe it. He is an easy media target. Despite being injured can he not smile or laugh? Is he supposed to self harm and lay prostrate at our feet every time he is injured? I just think people need to get a grip and not believe everything they read and actually think about a situation before making up their minds. Just my opinion.

  2. For £90k pw giving 100% must include lifestyle as an absolute must and laughing at the airport when returning from pre season is not what WHU fans wanted to see, particularly with the rumours as to how the injury occurred. Reid did not apoear to find the situatiob humorous but he is a true professional. I daresay Aacontinuatiinacontinuation of his contract but I sincerely hope the management and board gid rid asap

  3. Totally agree. In the Palace game with seconds to go he threw himself into a block that had all the potential of another injury but he does these things as that is the player he is. His hold up play the last few games has taken a lot of pressure off the defenders and brought other players into it. for me he has been a little deep but that is the nature of coming on in a certain situation in the game.

  4. Why do people who know nothing about football comment .Carroll got injured playing for the irons,he didn't do it for the purpose. His life style might not have been the best for a professional but he always gives 100%

  5. Carroll has robbed us with the salary we have paid him for 6 years! when he has come off the bench in recent games he has shown clearly he simply does not fit in with the way we play now, he was never fast, he wandered all over the pitch in the last match and should have got a card, perhaps even red!

    Problem is Sullivan & Gold may want a good fee for him LOL! no wonder Liverpool got rid, they must have laughed what we paid! even turned up to his wifes sisters wedding straight from a game in his track suit! recently as if he could not have easily put on a shirt and trousers,good riddance!

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