West Ham vice-chairman makes questionable suggestion regarding Tottenham’s Daniel Levy

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady has suggested that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is jealous of the Hammers. The two clubs are London rivals. In terms of performances, it is hard to see Levy being jealous of West Ham. Tottenham are one of the best sides in England and regularly qualify for the Champions League. West Ham on the other hand tend to be inconsistent in terms of their performances. They have even flirted with relegation a few times as they did last season. After losing their opening four games of this season, they have recovered well under Manuel Pellegrini. Both clubs have expanded recently. West Ham moved into the larger capacity London Stadium at the start of the 2016-17 season and bid an emotional farewell to the Boleyn Ground. Tottenham meanwhile are currently playing their home games at Wembley Stadium as the completion of their new stadium continues to be delayed. Writing in The Sun, Brady referred to some of the problems which Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward is facing at the moment and said: “I know I’ve had plenty. “I mean, engineering a move to a 60,000-seater stadium, slap in the middle of London, our prime area, helping our community in any number of ways, having the cheapest tickets in the Premier League and doing so at a cost that must turn Spurs chairman Daniel Levy green with envy makes me a target for some social media smarties who don’t know a good thing from a kick in the breaches.”

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