Should Fulham fans be worried about Ryan Sessegnon’s Tottenham tweets?

On Wednesday night, Tottenham Hotspur pulled off an astonishing Champions League comeback, defeating Ajax with a three-goal flurry in the second half.

It was a moment for all football fans — save for supporters of Ajax and Arsenal — to savour, including Fulham’s 18-year-old star Ryan Sessegnon.

After Lucas Moura’s late winner, Sessegnon tweeted his reaction.

On the face of it, this is a seemingly innocuous observation from a footballer. But to dig a little deeper, Fulham fans may have reason to worry about Sessegnon’s exclamation.

Of course, the left winger is in high demand after Fulham’s relegation was sealed, with Tottenham Hotspur reported to be his preferred destination in the summer.

In a recent interview, Sessegnon refused to commit his long-term future to the Whites, instead insisting he is contracted until 2020 and refusing to comment further.

Given the circumstances, Sessegnon’s tweet following Tottenham’s fightback is all the more worrying. And on another level, it is a rare social media proclamation from a player who carefully manages his Twitter presence.

Unlike other footballers of his age, the Fulham man’s Twitter account resembles one of a mature, experienced player. Many of his tweets are standard post-match musings, thanking the fans for their support and pledging to work hard to gain a better result next time. Interspersed with retweets of promotional advertisements, it is all fairly tame stuff.

However, in 2019, Sessegnon has shown spontaneous emotional outbursts on just two occasions. The latest was his disbelief at Tottenham’s semi-final win last night. The first?

That came on April 17, following Tottenham’s miraculous quarter-final performance as they overcame Manchester City.

Is going through an 18-year-old’s social media account a bit much? Yes. But for anxious Fulham fans, there appears to be a clear pattern (albeit from a very small sample size) of Sessegnon showing his public support and interest in Tottenham’s European matches.

In all likelihood, the tweets are harmless. However, it is nevertheless revealing to note that the only time supporters see him at his rawest and most expressive on social media is when tweeting about Tottenham Hotspur.

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