Can Potter’s magic help Chelsea revive their campaign?

Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea career ended after a 1-0 loss to Dinamo Zagreb on the first day of the Champions League group stage. The next coach, Graham Potter, will inherit a Chelsea team that is already five points behind the leaders in the Premier League and has a losing record in the Champions League. Add to it the fact that there will be no way to modify the group dynamic by adding players. Although Chelsea was generally possession-based under Thomas Tuchel, none of their central defenders was especially advanced in their approach. They didn’t usually take the strategy of having their centre defenders take charge of moving the ball through the thirds.

What Potter Brings to Chelsea

Brighton was the only side in the world that could effectively alter shape, structure, and personnel on a match-by-match basis with no consequences. Potter’s players are all adaptable, versatile, and capable of not just playing but also comprehending various positions in various systems. One of the most noteworthy aspects of Brighton is that any single player may play at least two or three positions and shuffle about like a deck of cards, depending on the configuration. Potter is a tactically versatile player; however, he prefers to play with a back three system rather than a back four. The fact that Brighton & Hove Albion have an absolutely superb defence is maybe the most promising aspect of the club and a significant reason why their low goal tally doesn’t matter all that much. Chelsea needs this on priority.

As reported by The Telegraph, Boehly, who has served as the club’s temporary sports director, intends to stand down once the club has identified a preferred candidate for the position. And Potter, who thrived under a similar system at Brighton, will have a big say in who the club appoints in the future. The Blues are anxious to make an appointment before the Premier League breaks for the World Cup in November so that the preferred candidate has enough time to prepare for the January transfer window. They have already spoken with persons with top-flight experience as well as those from Europe.

According to sources, Premier League events this weekend will be suspended as the UK and Commonwealth enter an extended time of grief following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Britain’s longest-serving queen died at Balmoral at 96 after ruling for 70 years. However, according to sources, all sports will be suspended beginning tomorrow, so this weekend’s Premier League games will be cancelled. There is no official mandate from the government to cancel athletic activities, but most contests and events have been postponed.

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